Meet the Team – Angela

First off – the exciting news that our race T shirts have arrived. Those of us who can get (at least 2) will be revealing them on Saturday at the…

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Meet the Team – Sarah

Here’s the team, in our lycra together for the first time, running the Rising Sun Park Run on 4 May. We all made it round, so that’s a good sign……

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Rising Sun neighbours Project

a family of five decorating a tree trunk

St John’s are founding members of the Rising Sun Neighbours Project who work with Churches of various denominations around the Rising Sun Countryside Park ( ) to organise events to…

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Christmas 2023

christmas tree festival

Christmas 2023 Our run up to Christmas this year has been very busy!  We started off on the 2nd December with “A Concert of Festive Music” by Backworth Colliery Band…

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