St. John’s Church Council is pleased for the Garden of Remembrance to be used for the burial of ashes.

For the benefit of the community as a whole, we have had to draw up some rules of use. These are to ensure that the Church is aware of what burials take place and that the Garden of Remembrance is kept as a quiet area of dignity.


  1. The Garden of Remembrance is the area defined by coping stones and maintained under grass with a single rose bed.
  1. The Vicar, after consultation with the Churchwardens, is empowered to give or refuse permission for the burial of ashes.
  1. Ashes will be buried within the area defined by the coping stones in a location agreed by the Vicar.
  1. There will be no permanent memorials with the ‘Garden of Remembrance’ but families are encouraged to lay cut flowers within the Garden.
  1. The area will remain grassed, without any flowers or trees being planted.
  1. A ‘Book of Remembrance’ is kept within the Church and parishioners and families are able to request the Vicar to arrange an appropriate entry within the book.

Arranging for the Burial of Ashes

Arrangements for the burial of ashes should be made by contacting the Vicar at or by telephone on 0191 268 0271.