Work with schools


Rev Sarah offers assemblies in our local primary schools once a month.  These assemblies offer thoughts based on Bibles stories and linked to the school values, we also look at major religious festivals, and the similarities between the practices of other faiths.

Recently we worked with one of our local schools to come up with an inclusive replacement for the school prayer, to ensure all pupils feel welcome and valued.

Open the Book

We have a team of volunteers who offer “Open the Book” sessions once every half term, we currently work with two schools but are happy to explore working with one of our local schools.

School Visits

We regularly welcome classes from our local primary schools to support learning for their topics.  We also support the Heritage After School Club at Amberley Primary School.  We work closely with our local High School to support GCSE and A Level classes in Religious Education and Philosophy and Ethics, including annual panel days known informally as “Quiz a Bishop”.