Our numbers have arrived. On the plus side they go quite nicely with our T shirts. On the minus side we’re not sure we’re ready.

But are you ever? Running is one of those activities that teaches you you’re never ready, even when you’re more than ready. However much your training has gone to schedule, something will happen to throw you. In our case, leading up to the race it’s been the normal combination of busyness and injury. On Sunday we’re just going to have to FTFADIA – feel the fear and do it anyway. A bit like life.

Things we are looking forward to include:

Someone working out why this blogpost has the title it has – comment here or on social media to be in with the chance of a (small) prize, and we promise it won’t be an unwashed t shirt. In the meantime Hilary is off to see if she can use this blogpost title to inspire a poem … while you, if you’d like to, can make a donation here