Leg 2 – Angela

It was wet and it was dreich. Not going to lie the fact my start was 1 mile from wherw we stayed overnight was a  bonus. While the others headed off into Edinburgh to catch their coaches to their start points, I forced down a couple of warm cuppas and a delicious hand baked muffin while reading my book and chatting with our generous hosts.  Lynn dropped me off in plenty of time to head to my handover point. Carried away in the atmosphere I followed the noise and headed off Hilary and Sarah’s bags in hand, in completely the wrong direction! When I eventually reached the starting pens, after a 1.5 mile warm up the waiting began and the nerves set in. Hilary stopped for the loo and texted to say she would be 30 mins tops. Wet runners look surprisingly alike but I spotted the purple t shirt, several shades darker than it began and I was away.

Having hardly run since I had to pull out of London and being worried that doing too much would flare up my injury I really was doing this on a wing and a prayer. It’s only 5 miles I’ll be fine! I set off too fast, you’d think I’d never run before but it felt fine and I just had to get to Liz ready for leg 3. 

The atmosphere was amazing despite the rain and it even stopped after a short while and there was a glimpse of sun through the mist. 

Miles 1 & 2 went well then the awesome leaders of the marathon passed me effortlessly on their homeward stretch, wow I was in awe we all clapped and cheered them by, mile 3 went by, just 2 to go, Mile 4 got tougher I stopped to walk and gladly took a few Haribo’s to boost my energy. Mile 5, it must just be round here, nope a quiet street, or round here nope still no sign of the handover spot, that last sneaky 0.63 miles went on forever but when I saw Sarah and LIz I was over the moon. I had made it!

As Liz shot off on her leg I got my bag and warm clothes on and a welcome coffee and yes a bit more cake revived me before I headed off on the bus to the finish. Well when I say bus to the finish there was a walk yep another mile, downhill till I made it to Pinkie and a the quagmire that was the finishers Village. No sooner had I arrived and the heavens opened. I took shelter in the portaloo, yes the rain was that heavy the portaloo became an attractive option! My waterporrf was ensconced with Hilary keeping warm and dry in a coffee shop on the high street so I had to improvise with a foil blanket looking like an extra from the school nativity, I took shelter under a tree till the rain slowed and Hilary arrived. Now to wait.

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