The plans to improve St John’s have excited us all. We want our church building to be fit(ter) for purpose, so that it can be a place where churchgoers and everyone in our community can be safe, comfortable and cared for; a place where our community can celebrate, lament, learn, share and thrive together. We are well on the way to raising the funds to make that happen, but there’s still work to do.

Maybe it was that word fit(ter) but a crazy thought took hold of some of us late last year that it would be fun to run a marathon to help raise funds. The four women who had this idea all have experience of running, but none of us is as young as we were, and none of us has done an organized run for a while, and most of us have fallen out of good running habits, so maybe it was a bit stupid to go for the Edinburgh Marathon on 26 May this year… and yet we signed up.

And it’s all going to be OK – because we can do it as a relay! We are hoping to raise funds for The Way Forward by doing this, and also to become fitter for purpose ourselves, as individual women and as a team. We all know that running helps us to function better in our lives, in all sorts of ways, and we all know how easy it is to let things get in the way of a regular running habit, so supporting each other, we think, will get us back in the groove and better able to live our lives well. More of that in blogs to come. We’ll tell you more about ourselves and our relationship with running, with church and with God, and about how things are going.

For now, here is each of us in our glory days, before we started to become a little team.

If you want to support us, follow this blog, comment, offer to run alongside us in our training, or donate via our justgiving page: https://www.justgiving.com/page/running-the-way-forward