St John’s – The Way Forward

st johns and its graveyard pictured in the snow

The Way Forward Summary

The Church of St John The Evangelist has served the community of Killingworth and its wider parish for over 150 Years.

The physical aim of the project is to improve and secure the church building making it suitable to serve the community into the future. This involves refurbishment of its interior, creation of a servery, storage and toilet facilities. Removal of pews to improve flexibility for both worship and wider community space and installation of a new heating system to improve comfort and also efficiency with more environmentally sustainable methods.

The wider aim of the project is to place St John’s at the heart of the community it serves providing a space for community groups and allowing us to share fellowship with people beyond our regular congregation.

We have secured support from a number of community organisations but seek to develop further relationships in order to make full use of the facilities on offer.

We have all the necessary planning and Diocesan approvals in place as well as a significant amount of funding generated by the congregation to date.  We are now seeking to raise the remaining funds through grants and external funding options.

Watch the website event and our social media for details of upcoming events and progress.

If you would like to support in anyway please contact us.